Sean Dreilinger

Interface Artist
SEED / Science Technology Library Catalog Project - UC Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California


Helped revise and add new elements to this unique graphical library catalog interface for kids. CARL's popular Kid's Catalog® product was based in part on this SLC research. The SLC was demonstrated during an introductory course at the UCLA GSLIS in 1992. It completely changed the way I think about information retrieval, for kids and adults alike. Quite an honor to be hired to help improve it! Spring, 1994.


Outtake: screenshot from the SLC tease segment. (the SLC catalog is a two-color Macintosh Hypercard® Application). Never realized it would resemble anything other than a kid thinking about marine mammals, but now that it is taken out of context...

Link to information on the Kid's Catalog from CARL.
Christine Borgman, Ph.D.
Professor & UC Presidential Chair in Information Studies
GSEIS Division of Library & Information Studies
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