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Managing Partner @ Kensho, LLC / Director of Internet Services @ ARK Enterprises
Kensho, LLC / ARK Enterprises, San Diego, California


Founded Kensho with Neville Billimoria in 1995 to Bring knowledge to the Information Age in a Flash. Built business in three key areas—information literacy, electronic marketing, and competitive intelligence—on the Internet. Kensho merged with ARK Enterprises, a venture investing company and business consulting practice. 1996-1997

Kensho, LLC Internet Home
Evolved from a three-page Internet calling-card in the summer of 1995 to a resource of over 1,100 public and private files. Web site retired in July, 1998.
Kensho Internet Portfolio
SA review of selected web projects from 1995-1996. March, 1996 (450K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Training & Presentations
Shortcuts to Gathering Intelligence Online
Presented with Neville Billimoria at the Marketing Research Online conference in San Francisco, California. Other speakers included researchers from Microsoft, Intel, Intuit, and BMW-USA.
November 14-15, 1996
Amazing Technology
Internet overview presented to the Association for Information and Image Management in San Diego, California.
October 12, 1995
Going Global on the Internet
Day-long introduction to business on the Internet. First presented at the San Diego Supercomputer Center to an audience of Small Business Development Center and the World Trade Center members.
August 10, 1995
What’s Available-(and How To Find It)
Sample slide from one of five core presentations in the day-long seminar, presented to SBD-ITC, CITD, and government groups in several California cities.
Success Stories-(and a Few Let-Downs)
Sample slide from one of five core presentations in the day-long seminar, presented to SBD-ITC, CITD, and government groups in several California cities.
Organizing Your Message for Accessibility, Interactivity, and Profit
Sample slide from one of five core presentations in the day-long seminar, presented to SBD-ITC, CITD, and government groups in several California cities.
Intelligence & Research
Implications of Visual Basic in Healthcare
Programmers around the world responded to the question "Would you trust your life to a hospital that runs on Microsoft Visual Basic?" Influenced the product strategy of a major integrated healthcare management application.
July 24, 1996 (122K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Electronic Mail Solutions
Research and recommendations on how this international biotech company could best bring e-mail into the mix. Available in hypertext and as an Acrobat PDF.
May 6, 1996 (250K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Downside Risk and Internet Financial Applications
Brief on the marketplace and product plan for Prudence, a proposed service to help investors minimize their risk.
May 12, 1996. (90K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Information Literacy and Internet Use
Taking the pulse of existing and potential Internet and intranet use among hi-tech and biotech industries.
October 24, 1996 (34K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Electronic Marketing
INOVA Diagnostics
Created a complete Internet services solution, including technical product documentation, administration documentation, product catalog, templates for online continuing medical education, and electronic customer support via web and e-mail.
First Virtual Internet Payment System
Overhauled existing slides and developed new electronic presentations to help CEO Lee Stein and the Director of Marketing Beverly Parenti explain First Virtual Holding's service (the brainchild of internet gurus Nathaniel Borenstein, Marshall Rose & Einar Stefferud) to investors and customers around the world. One presentation was delivered to an audience of over 100,000 (?!) at a banking convention in Switzerland.
Café Del Rio
Full-service online marketing of family-grown Arabica coffee from the mountains or southern Mexico. Site architecture, development, project management, online transactions, and promotion. Launch in December, 1996.
CERFnet Presentation
How do you sell an ad campaign to an ISP? I took our team's concepts and presentation and put them on a protected web site. After the pitch, we tracked which ideas were revisited by the CERF execs. We closed a six-figure deal for the campaign, including creative design, execution and media placement in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, WebWeek, and other print publications.
Communication Solutions
Home for Intranet Planners
Proof-of-concept for a joint-venture to develop intranet solutions. This site is designed to be a clearinghouse for intranet-related news, FAQ's, software, research, and discussion.
April, 1996 (no longer maintained)
Online Document Repositories
Client-specific private web 'libraries' created to speed document exchange, save telephone and delivery charges, and centralize communication, usually through a dedicated mail list.
International Trade Resources
Collaborated with directors of two International Trade Centers to create this resource, which shares a search strategy and Internet resources for international trade.
Remote Work Center for interns
Electronic Internet RFP listserv distributed to San Diego area Internet service providers
Writing, Design, Publications
Kensho Guide to Site Administration
Hands-on guide to the covering the care and feeding of virtual-homed Internet services, including web, e-mail, listserv, FTP, and other services run from a single user account using public-domain (free) software. Includes advanced concepts such as revision control, embedded keywords, full-text search engine and analytics configuration.
February, 1996
Intranet Planning Questions
Planning on an internal communications network, an intranet? If so, you may find these questions helpful.
Tuesday, July 16, 1996 (32K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Art and the User Interface
How and where do the concepts and theories of User Interface and Visual Art meet? How do aesthetic considerations affect your own impressions and those of your customer?
December 12, 1993
Kensho Brochure
Layout and design of this brochure to accompany our winter, 1995 business plan.
(177K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
From Librarian to Cybrarian: Evolving Role of the Information Professional HTML, PDF
If all the books and research are freely available online, what good are information professionals? This paper describes what a librarian will have to become if the profession is going to survive its competition with the computer science field.
December 1, 1992 (22K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Internet Interfaces HTML, PDF
Nostalgia piece. This paper evaluates the user interfaces of all popular pre-WWW Internet Exploration tools, back when gopher was all the rage. Be sure to smile at the conclusion, which calls for some kind of hyperlinked, web-like application to unite all these confusing tools. :^)
November 09, 1993 (214K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Information In Society HTML, PDF
Examines the evolution of printed and electronic communication media, with some predictions for the role the Internet will play in the years to come.
November 12, 1992 (18K Adobe Acrobat PDF File)
Kensho Publications
Other documents of interest may be found in this area of the Kensho, LLC Internet home.
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