Sean Dreilinger

Instructor & Student
aoinagi karate-do, university of california, san diego


Teach traditional Okinawan shito-ryu karate to adults and children. Represented the organization in a campus-wide council. Represent the club and UCSD in national and international competition. 1981-present

Portfolio or something...
ITKF World Championships: Lima, Peru, 1990
The Italian team that took first place in just about everything they entered!
ITKF World Championships: Quebec, Canada, 1992
With members of the U.S. Women's Karate Team With my instructors and teammates, Paul Schwartz(left) and Neville Billimoria(right) on the subway in Quebec, Canada.
If facial expressions are an accurate gauge of fatigue and stress?
AAKF National Championships, 1988
We've competed in team and individual events in many AAKF National Championship tournaments since 1988. I think the photo is from the nationals one winter in Minnesota. Brrr. Gotta love that 15 minutes of fame!
Pan-American Games, Puerto Rico, 1993
Check the blow-up of this image. The Puerto Rican men's team is warming up in the arena the day before the tournament. They're doing the hardest part of a form called unsoo--a 360 jump. Beautiful. If facial expressions are an accurate gauge of local food quality? Paul is sharing his nonverbal opinion of the gourmet fare: gooeyduck.
Outside the view of the hotel and judges? That's enough necktie! Being awarded medals for some event.
Signing autographs. One South American tournament also featured several friendly marriage proposals. Something to do with blue eyes and the local economy? A few more seconds of fame, preserved by my folks.
Back to information systems... outside the library in a rural town.
Aoinagi Karate Online
My return to San Diego in 1994 was partially motivated by a desire to continue training. They allowed me to prototype web sites for the Aoinagi (not used) and the Zen Bei Butokukai.
Neville Billimoria
Coordinator, Martial Arts Program
Coordinator, Wellness Program
Department of Campus Recreation
U.C. San Diego
La Jolla, California 92093

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