Sean Dreilinger

Graduate School of Library & Information Science
UC Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California


Helped faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates find Information and understand the process. Aided in administration of the school's LAN and library. Taught hands-on seminars in computer skills and Internet surfing. Wrote special "User Notes" documentation. Answered in-person and electronic reference questions. 1993-1994.


Documentation & Desktop Applications

(Adobe Acrobat PDF Files)
GSLIS Bulletin
Official weekly publication. I created a custom Microsoft Word template to speed input, give a consistent look-and-feel, and facilitate automagic conversion to text for the gopher.
A few sample User Notes--Custom documentation. I authored & contributed to many of these. (Now available on the web.)
User Note 3
A guide to purchasing a PC which I updated in Spring, 1994.

User Note (8?)
A guide to using our local gopher clients, which I updated in Spring, 1994.

Systems Work

Library School Gopher
Assisted with structure and content of this Internet information server. Taught coworkers and special interest groups how to setup and administer their own gopher servers. (since replaced with a world-wide-web site)

Student Profiles
One of John Houser's custom applications for our library school. I helped update the data-entry interface in Spring, 1994. Student Profiles are entered via a Windows GUI and then distributed in print, on searchable floppy disk, and via WAIS-indexed gopher.

My own student profile from that database.

Installed and configured this unique service for our user community. Hytelnet allows a user to easily connect to the Internet-accessible catalogs of over 600 libraries and information institutions around the world. Hytelnet is no longer available at UCLA GSEIS, the service is superseded by Webcats from the same authors.

Lab Workers
Say 'hi' to present-day lab workers at my alma-mater.

UN*X Server Setup and Administration (RIP)
My first Linux box. They let me attach it to the school's high-speed Internet link and try all sorts of enlightening experiments in system administration and user services. durak is Russian for fool. Here we set up digital library toys such as TULIP, demonstrated the original X-windows version of NCSA Mosaic, and committed the bandwidth-equivalent of clear-cutting forests by playing net-trek games between other academic institutions. With limited personal computing resources available from the school, my classmates welcomed an extra computer account on durak and I got some bonus network administration experience keeping the thing up-and-running for twenty or so users through the year. durak survived the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake! We also tested the 1992 NT October and OS/2 2.x betas on this machine, but that's another (slow) story.
John Houser, the systems librarian, was quick to recognize the utility of inexpensive PC's running Linux, a free UN*X operating system. John sacrificed some poor Windows 3.x PC and turned it into bairn (Scottish or Gaelic for boy?) and it became the school's first gopher server, Hytelnet server, FTP server, testing ground for remote Internet access to online services such as DIALOG & Lexis Nexis, and playground of stupid e-mail tricks. Together with a Ph.D. student gifted in UN*X hacking, we participated in setting up and administering this valuable Internet server until I graduated. Soon after it was also put into service as the school's first web server.
When Phil Ender at the UCLA Graduate School of Education saw how useful our UN*X servers were, I got drafted to help them assemble and configure a similar machine as an Internet server for them. They name each computer as a character from the Sesame Street educational television program, so we christened it bert.

Keri Sullivan Botello John Houser
Laboratory Librarian and Internship Coordinator
GSEIS Division of Library & Information Studies
U.C. Los Angeles
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90024-1520
+1 (310) 206-9392
Information Systems Coordinator
Detroit Public Libraries
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48202
+1 (313) 833-4501

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