Sean Dreilinger

Director, Research & Intelligence
inter@ctivate consulting group, del mar, california

Web Development Process, Standards, and Services

Version Control

cvswebsites-home.jpg (6214 bytes) In response to new staff and contractors repeatedly erasing live web content (whoops!), I decided to apply software configuration management and version control solutions to the   web development process at Inter@ctivate. In addition to the expected CYA protection for individual developers, the application of version control to web development also benefited non-hackers with:
web site content updated automatically
automated staging of complex web sites
detailed revision history to document billable work performed for customers
website mirroring on demand, helpful for migrating ISPs or providing web site archives on laptops for trade show and sales presentations
cvswebsites-search.jpg (6532 bytes) The application of version control to web development was rewarding and I found it interesting enough to document the process in my spare time. This documentation, initially a 14-page paper titled CVS Version Control for Web Site Projects grew into a small subsite and search engine -- the most popular public Inter@ctivate web content feature during 1998. The paper, subsite, and cvs search engine are still available from

Standards for Web Development, Web Hosting, and ISP Selection

icg-standards.jpg (3970 bytes) Developed, defined, and instituted standards of special relevance to Inter@ctivate projects, including:

contractor guidelines for development and delivery of standards-compliant, portable, valid web content.

business and technical guidelines for selection and setup of web hosting with internet service providers, ranging from simple accounts on shared web servers to colocation requirements for mirrored high-availability servers.

Web Development Process

icg-vhomed-isps-intro.jpg (6932 bytes) Instituted an array of `best' practices aimed at improving the quality of web content, delivery, and reliability for Inter@ctivate customers:
  • web-enabled change reviews integrated with the version control system
  • automated link validation of customer web content
  • automated change reporting on a per-site basis
  • apache httpd customization and optimization
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