Sean Dreilinger

Director, Research & Intelligence
inter@ctivate consulting group

Research & Writing

systems analysis

icg-cac-ics-report.jpg (8581 bytes) Formal and informal systems analysis & contextual design to help several customers define, re-evaluate and re-prioritize the role of information technology within their organizations. Conducted systems analysis interviews with a focus on the use of networked information technology. Adapted and administered servqual (quality of service) questionnaire to provide gap analysis. Adapted techniques based on Ed Yourdon's and Robert M. Hayes' for use with Internet-focused business processes.

online industry, market, and presence analysis

icg-builders-menu.jpg (7978 bytes) Research and analysis of online presence and trends in a variety of client (and potential client) industries, including entertainment news, new home builders, electric utilities, city services, events ticket services, agriculture interest groups, theme parks and zoos, immigration law, Mexican food, multi-level marketing, gaming and gambling on the net, beverage container industry, helpdesk software, end--user email software, sales-force automation software, online bicycle sales sites, and more.
icg-cityofsd-matrix.jpg (7832 bytes) A typical industry analysis and competitive intelligence report for a customer included a visual comparison of competitors web sites (above), a matrix of online services available to customers (left), research in news and trade publications, a written report of internet-use trends in that industry, and separate usability and presence evaluations.

information architecture

icg-proven-winners-flow.jpg (4815 bytes) visible information architecture: interface, navigation, and language elements for web sites and other information systems.

structural information architecture: data and filesystem structures, database design, and server optimization for web sites, rdbms's and other information systems.

budget & proposal writing

cac-budget-1998.jpg (7059 bytes) Development and presentation of IT budget and project proposals up to $300,000. Often, but not always, awarded in full.

technical briefs & documentation (5350 bytes) Online documentation for internal procedures such as domain registration, web site authentication, and Usenet research and posting (left). Typeset manuals for printed and online documentation of products such as the imagebase. Developed and published standards for contractors, internet service providers, and other processes related to web development. Provided formal and informal technology briefs via email and intranet when issues and trends warranted.
Charles A Gillespie, IV Jack Abbott, Jr.
VP, Special Projects
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