Sean Dreilinger

Director, Research & Intelligence
inter@ctivate consulting group, del mar, california

Internet Presence

evaluation, monitoring, response

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Evaluation: developed techniques based on bibliometrics to evaluate and report internet presence and public opinion  of our customers and the issues relevant to their products and industries.

Monitoring: automated weekly Internet queries to monitor Internet presence and issues of interest for our customers, summarized and reported emerging trends, kudos, and complaints.

cac-medfly-crisis-news.jpg (7187 bytes) Response: action on critical issues from coordination of damage-control posts in the Usenet, alerting clients and their PR agencies, to some dedicated crisis and issues management web sites that Inter@ctivate developed for two customers.

Invited speaker at IIR's 1996 Conducting Marketing Research Online conference, covered internet presence and other online intelligence tactics.

Charles A Gillespie, IV Jack Abbott, Jr.
VP, Special Projects
Cyberworks, Inc. / Inland Entertainment Corp.
16868 Via Del Campo Court, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92127
+1 (619) 716-2100
President & CEO
Inter@ctivate Consulting Group
2244b Carmel Valley Road
Del Mar, Ca 92014
+1 (619) 793-4060

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