Sean Dreilinger

Director, Research & Intelligence
Inter@ctivate Consulting Group, San Diego, California

Opt-In Email Marketing

strategy, implementation, and measurement

Strategy: planned opt-in email marketing projects to bring subscribers back to visit special web content and draw new users and list subscribers via word-of-mouth.
zoo-joinlist-form.jpg (5936 bytes) Implementation: installed, configured, maintained subscription electronic mail list services for public and private use, with circulation from 400 to 50,000 addresses per list. Coordinated upgrade of customer mail transport agents (MTAs)  to prevent many forms of in-bound and relay spam attacks. Evaluated commercial options for database-driven direct email marketing.
zoo-joinlist-help.jpg (6081 bytes) Initial experience with self-subscription mail lists revealed that over 25% of end-users enter their own email address incorrectly. Developed a real-time address validation tool to check MX records and offer interactive assistance to help make sure users provide valid email addresses at the moment they ask to join the list. Significantly reduced the bounce rate on list broadcasts.
zoo-webalizer.jpg (7569 bytes) Measurement: Developed cpu-friendly url tracking scheme to measure aggregate response to individual email message broadcasts. Early tests with a small 4,000 recipient list for the Zoological Society of San Diego achieved 35% reponse rate within 1 hour, over 250% response within 10 hours, and a sustained 5-fold increase in the rate at which new subscribers joined the society's email list.
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