Sean Dreilinger

Sierra Institute
UC Santa Cruz, Sierra Nevada Wilderness, California


This three-month academic backpacking quarter offered through U.C. Santa Cruz was a very influential experience. I learned an enormous amount about group dynamics, physical & spiritual survival, and the history and cultural geography of the Sierra Nevada. During the quarter we traveled from the Southern Sierra (Domelands) to the Northeast Sierra (Mono Lake), coming out of the woods to meet with guest speakers, who included Park Service Administrators, Environmental activists, Commercial Concessionaires, etc. Spring, 1990

End of our first day's hike, Alex from UCSC soaks her feet while enlightened Andy jumps around in the meadow beyond. View from our campsite atop Yosemite's North Dome.
Caught in a white-out blizzard in King's Canyon, about to put on some warm clothes! Professor Mary Beth Hennessey (far right) teaches basic use of USGS topographical map/compass.

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