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10.6 Monitoring

Command: activity message

When any activity occurs in a background window that is being monitored, screen displays a notification in the message line. The notification message can be redefined by means of the activity command. Each occurrence of `%' in message is replaced by the number of the window in which activity has occurred, and each occurrence of `^G' is replaced by the definition for bell in your termcap (usually an audible bell). The default message is

'Activity in window %n'

Note that monitoring is off for all windows by default, but can be altered by use of the monitor command (C-a M).

Command: defmonitor state

Same as the monitor command except that the default setting for new windows is changed. Initial setting is `off'.

Command: monitor [state]

(C-a M)
Toggles monitoring of the current window. When monitoring is turned on and the affected window is switched into the background, the activity notification message will be displayed in the status line at the first sign of output, and the window will also be marked with an `@' in the window-status display (see section Windows). Monitoring defaults to `off' for all windows.

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