Chapter 17. Server Setup and Operation

Table of Contents
17.1. The PostgreSQL User Account
17.2. Creating a Database Cluster
17.3. Starting the Database Server
17.3.1. Server Start-up Failures
17.3.2. Client Connection Problems
17.4. Managing Kernel Resources
17.4.1. Shared Memory and Semaphores
17.4.2. Resource Limits
17.4.3. Linux Memory Overcommit
17.5. Shutting Down the Server
17.6. Upgrading a PostgreSQL Cluster
17.6.1. Upgrading Data via pg_dump
17.6.2. Non-Dump Upgrade Methods
17.7. Preventing Server Spoofing
17.8. Encryption Options
17.9. Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSL
17.9.1. Using Client Certificates
17.9.2. SSL Server File Usage
17.9.3. Creating a Self-signed Certificate
17.10. Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSH Tunnels
17.11. Registering Event Log on Windows

This chapter discusses how to set up and run the database server and its interactions with the operating system.

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