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Synopsis: diff [OPTIONS] [FILES]

Shows the difference between two revisions (in Unix diff format). When invoked with no options, CVS diffs the repository base revisions against the (possibly uncommitted) contents of the working copy. The base revisions are the latest revisions of this working copy retrieved from the repository; note that there could be even later revisions in the repository, if someone else committed changes but this working copy hasn't been updated yet. (See also rdiff.)


Diff Compatibility Options

In addition to the preceding options, cvs diff also shares a number of options with the GNU version of the standard command-line diff program. Following is a complete list of these options, along with an explanation of a few of the most commonly used ones. (See the GNU diff documentation for the others.)

     -0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9
           -C NLINES
         -e --ed
         -t --expand-tabs
         -f --forward-ed
         -w --ignore-all-space
         -B --ignore-blank-lines
         -i --ignore-case
         -I REGEXP
         -b --ignore-space-change
         -T --initial-tab
         -L LABEL
         -d --minimal
         -N --new-file
         -n --rcs
         -s --report-identical-files
         -y --side-by-side
         -F REGEXP
         -H --speed-large-files
         -a --text
           -U NLINES
         -V ARG
         -W COLUMNS

Following are the GNU diff options most frequently used with cvs diff.

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