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cvsutils – General Utilities For Use With CVS

Depends on: Perl


Authors: Tom Tromey (original author) and Pavel Roskin (current maintainer)

The suite of small programs called cvsutils generally (although not always) performs offline operations in the CVS working copy. Offline operations are those that can be done without contacting the repository, while still leaving the working copy in a consistent state for the next time the repository is contacted. Offline behavior can be extremely handy when your network connection to the repository is slow or unreliable.

The cvsutils programs are listed below in approximate order of usefulness (according to my opinion), with the more useful ones coming first. Coincidentally, this also arranges them by safety. Safety is an issue because some of these utilities can, in their normal course of operation, cause you to lose local modifications or files from your working copy. Therefore, read the descriptions carefully before using these utilities.

This documentation is accurate as of Version 0.1.4. Be sure to read the README file in any later versions for more up-to-date information.

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