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Danger level: None

Contacts repository: No

This does an offline cvs update by comparing the timestamps of files on disk with their timestamps recorded in CVS/Entries. You can thus tell which files have been locally modified and which files are not known to be under CVS control. Unlike cvs update, cvsu does not bring down changes from the repository.

Although it can take various options, cvsu is most commonly invoked without any options:

     floss$ cvsu
     ? ./bar
     ? ./chapter-10.html
     M ./chapter-10.sgml
     D ./out
     ? ./
     D ./tools

The left-side codes are like the output of cvs update, except that D means directory. This example shows that chapter-10.sgml has been modified locally. What the example doesn't show is that cvsu ran instantly, whereas a normal cvs update would have required half a minute or so over my slow modem line. Run

     floss$ cvsu --help

to see a list of options.

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