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cvsq – Queue CVS Commands For Later Connection

Depends on: Bash


Vaclav Slavik <>, the author of cvsq, has this to say about it:

cvsq stands for "cvs queued" and it is a small bash script that wraps around CVS. It makes working with CVS repository a bit easier for people connected via dial-up, because it can queue CVS commands and pass them to "real cvs" later.

For example, you can commit files immediately after editing them, when being offline, so you don't forget about them:

         cvsq commit -m "change 1" file1.c
         cvsq commit -m "change 2" file2.c
         cvsq commit -m "change 3" file3.c

And then, when you go online, you simply type

         cvsq upload

and all changes will be commited into the repository. If uploading of a particular file fails, it won't be lost – instead, you'll see error message and the file will stay in cvsq queue.

You can use cvsq even for commands that make no sense when offline – in that case, the command is immediately passed to cvs and not queued. For example, you can call cvsq update and it won't be put into the queue but executed immediately. In fact, you can start using cvsq as a replacement for cvs.

cvsq is in public domain.

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