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Ignores certain files when doing updates, imports, or releases. By default, CVS already ignores some kinds of files. (For a full list, see the -I option to import, earlier in this chapter.) You can add to this list by putting additional file names or wildcard patterns in the cvsignore file. Each line gives a file name or pattern, for example:


This causes CVS to ignore any file named README.msdos, any file ending in .html, and any file beginning with blah and ending with .out. (Technically, you can name multiple files or patterns on each line, separated by whitespace, but it is more readable to keep them to one per line. The whitespace separation rule does, unfortunately, mean that there's no way to specify a space in a file name, except to use wildcards.)

A ! anywhere in the list cancels all previous entries. (See $CVSIGNORE in the section Environment Variables in this chapter for a fuller discussion of ignore processing.)

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