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Synopsis: annotate [OPTIONS] [FILES]

Shows information on who last modified each line of each file and when. Each line of output corresponds to one line of the file. From left to right, the line displays the revision number of the last modification of that line, a parenthetical expression containing the user and date of the modification, a colon, and the contents of the line in the file.

For example, if a file looks like this

     this is a test file
     it only has too lines
     I mean "two"

the annotations for that file could look like this

     1.1          (jrandom  22-Aug-99): this is a test file
     1.1          (jrandom  22-Aug-99): it only has too lines
     1.2          (jrandom  22-Aug-99): I mean "two"

from which you would know that the first two lines were in the initial revision, and the last line was added or modified (also by jrandom) in Revision 1.2.


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