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Synopsis: admin [OPTIONS] [FILES]

This command is an interface to various administrative tasks – specifically, tasks applicable to individual RCS files in the repository, such as changing a file's keyword substitution mode or changing a log message after it's been committed.

Although admin behaves recursively if no files are given as arguments, you normally will want to name files explicitly. It's very rare for a single admin command to be meaningful when applied to all files in a project, or even in a directory. Accordingly, when the following explanations refer to the "file", they mean the file or (rarely) files passed as arguments to the admin command.

If there is a system group named cvsadmin on the repository machine, only members of that group can run admin (with the exception of the cvs admin -k command, which is always permitted). Thus you can disallow admin for all users by setting the group to have no users.


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