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The pserver access method is not working

The most common, less obvious cause of this problem is that you forgot to list the repository using an --allow-root option in your inetd configuration file.

Recall this example /etc/inetd.conf line from Repository Administration:

     cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs \
               --allow-root=/usr/local/newrepos pserver

(In the actual file, this is all one long line, with no backslash.)

The --allow-root=/usr/local/newrepos portion is a security measure, to make sure that people can't use CVS to get pserver access to repositories that are not supposed to be served remotely. Any repository intended to be accessible via pserver must be mentioned in an --allow-root. You can have as many different --allow-root options as you need for all of your system's repositories (or anyway, as many as you want until you bump up against your inetd's argument limit).

See Repository Administration for more details on setting up the password-authenticating server.

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