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The cvswrappers File

The redundantly-named cvswrappers file gives you a way to specify that certain files should be treated as binary, based on their file name. CVS does not assume that all .jpg files are JPG image data, for example, so it doesn't automatically use -kb when adding JPG files. Nonetheless, certain projects would find it very useful to simply designate all JPG files as binary. Here is a line in cvswrappers to do that:

     *.jpg -k 'b'

The b is separate and in quotes because it's not the only possible RCS keyword expansion mode; one could also specify o, which means not to expand $ sign keywords but to do newline conversion. However, b is the most common parameter.

There are a few other modes that can be specified from the wrappers file, but they're for such rare situations that they're probably not worth documenting here (translation: your author has never had to use them). See the node Wrappers in the Cederqvist if you're curious.

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