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How can I keep up with changes to CVS?

The troubleshooting techniques and known bugs described in this chapter are accurate as of (approximately) CVS Version 1.10.7. Things move fast in the CVS world, however. While I was writing the last few chapters, the unofficial mantle of CVS maintainership passed from Cyclic Software to SourceGear, Inc (, which purchased Cyclic. SourceGear has publicly announced its intention to take an active role in CVS maintainer-ship and has received Cyclic's approval, which is more or less enough to make it the "lead maintainer" of CVS as of right now. (The address will continue to work, however, so all of the URLs given previously in this book should remain valid.)

SourceGear is, at this very moment, busy organizing and cleaning up various patches that have been floating around, with the intention of incorporating many of them into CVS. Some of these patches will probably fix bugs listed previously, and others may afford new troubleshooting tools to CVS users.

The best way to stay up to date with what's going on is to read the NEWS file in your CVS distribution, watch the mailing lists, and look for changes to the Cederqvist manual and the online version of this book (

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