interactivate consulting group

icg office

on the del mar lagoon

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looking out from the office to torrey pines state park across the lagoon
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the icg office - downstairs in what was once a nice carmel valley home.
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a lagoon-surfer drifts past the office
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jack, debbie, and charles conduct an important conference call. (note the footwear of the president)
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kathy reading outside on the patio
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hang gliders in the distance
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sunset on torrey pines state beach about two blocks up the road
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jack, vic, mary - toasty fire in the background
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mary kicks off a client brainstorming session while charles starts a fire
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mary, charles, and eve kosol. eve was an intern from ucsd who is now with a bay-area startup
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mary, eve, sean, jack, vic - team-surfing for design ideas
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jack calls up another example
icg-tierny-melinda-01-icon.jpg (5378 bytes)
melinda tierney and her dual-keyboard technique
icg-duggan-andrew-01-icon.jpg (2631 bytes)
andrew duggan, occasional consultant extraordinaire
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page donovan
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