first baby steps MG 1014

first baby steps    MG 1014
2007-07-30 10:51:49
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Neeta Lind: This is a STEP!!! YOu caught it Seanie!
rrobert_ah: Hi, it's a very cute baby! I really like your photo!
FYI, I'm using your picture in my blog post. Hope you don't mind!

Thanks for sharing!
Ekoorb23: Hi Sean,
I know your image is not available for commercial use, but would like to ask if I could use this image in a set of creative writing cards I am designing. The cards are designed to inspire university students to write, and I would like to use this image on a card with the phrase “My first time…”. The cards will be designed, printed and used within the university only, so I am not sure if this is classified as commercial use. It would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible.
- Brooke
sean dreilinger: scarlet-rain - please do, help yourself. if you end up with something for his scrap-book, please send us a copy!
Ekoorb23: Hi Sean,
I've just finished the card with your photo on it and have made a small card type thing in PDF form for you to print or whatever you like. I'm just not sure how to send it to you, because of the file type and size (5.5mb) :/
Laleblue: Congrats on the first step :) We are waiting for one soon too..
lastmanholdingon: Lovely Pic! I used it on Karma Blog with a link to here.
Baby Steps Vs Best Foot
barbara.braun: Hi Sean,
I'd love to use your Picture for a Moodle-Course at our University (First steps in Moodle…). It's non-commercial but usage is not share alike. Hope you don't mind.
free2live2: used your image for a post called, Taking the first step
great photo :) really captures the joy of child like learning, curiosity and celebration.
Kaia Studio: Hi Sean, I have sent you a request to use this photo. Please check your inbox. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks


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vacation - summer 2007

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