Steve Wampler Climbing El Capitan TEDxSanDiego 2012

Steve Wampler   Climbing El Capitan   TEDxSanDiego 2012
2012-12-01 09:36:57
photo attribution: sean dreilinger

Steve Wampler

Wampler Foundation

Steve Wampler is the first man in the world with cerebral palsy to climb the largest rock face in the world, El Cap. in Yosemite. He?s a husband and father of two children. He can?t walk, can only use one limb, really, his right arm, but he can grasp with his left so he did 20,000 pull-ups and slept on the mountain for 5 nights getting to the top. He was to the point of hallucinating and was unconscious, but he wanted to prove to kids with disabilities all over the world, that they can achieve ANYTHING they want. He gave up his career as an environmental engineer to get kids with disabilities into the wilderness to challenge themselves. He?s a hero to those kids, and he hears from children from all over the world.

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