for grandpa jeff dude: get well soon! MG 6694 5x7

for grandpa jeff dude: get well soon!    MG 6694 5x7
2009-10-20 21:23:17
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sean dreilinger: grandpa jeff (rachel's dad) is recovering from a bad bicycle accident:

*~Yogini~Astra~*: my best wishes for a speedy recovery!
kiwi_kirsch: just a hint: the yellow helmet on the left might very well suffocate your kid. it is not properly fitted to his head, maybe it's even too small already. it is only loosely lying [edit: ..on top of his head, instead of around it] on his head and might very well slide to the back of his head in case of an accident. the strap will then leave him not any more air to breathe than whats been inside his lungs until someone notices - and that might be too little or too late.

trust me and FIX THAT, please. or get a new helmet of proper size. for your kid's sake.

besides that: i wish 'grandpa' a good recovery!
sean dreilinger: kiwi he's wearing his little brother's helmet there, we wouldn't let him out of the house like that!
kiwi_kirsch: very relieving to know, thanks :)


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