16,424 spam email messages received in 16 days spam 16000 in 16 days

16,424 spam email messages received in 16 days   spam 16000 in 16 days
2007-02-11 11:59:57
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who says all of the e-mail circulating on the internet these days is spam? i probably received about 160 valid messages over the same period. what is that? less than 1% ham?

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Trinity338: 1% real stuff? I've never done the stats. That's way too depressing. I currently have 1400 in the spam queue waiting to be deleted..about 5 days worth…not even close to your 16,000 spam-a-nightmare.
equal base: i am in war with spammers


but tihs king of scrrenshots for real companies

Some of them is sending me “Sorry mail and they promise me they will not send again” then i delete it from Flickr.

if they send again i will put the screenshot again on Fliker :)
sean dreilinger: hi nutaroonie - i'm happy with spamassassin and the other measures in-place. i would only be shopping for something else if the existing solution were suffering from false positives (ham mislabeled as spam) or false negatives (spam mislabeled as ham). the reason i posted this photo is not to complain about the spam filtering tools (which are working very well), but to note the insane ratio of spam:ham, presumably because my primary email address has been published and remains unchanged since 1998.
invincible distribution: It's just like garbage really. One man's spam is another man's content.
stevenjgarner: Spamassassin may just save my sanity - I found www.postfix-tutorial.com to integrate Postfix with both Spamassassin and MySQL. Have you checked out any email monitoring tools that work with Spamassassin - I was thinking I might try to implement Mailgraph with pflogsumm I found this tutorial. Do you know of any other monitoring add-ons?
sean dreilinger: thanks for the links stevenjgarner - running all of that spam through my rented server with limited bandwidth and cpu, and filtering it again upon download and again in the MUA was becoming too expensive (in every way). i outsourced my MX records to google and they're performing my spam filtering for my domain now.


sean dreilinger: total filtered into the 'junk' folder by spamassassin, procmail and/or thunderbird upon return from 14-day vacation: 16,424 spam messages


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