bedtime stories an encore of Quiet, LOUD! MG 0292

bedtime stories   an encore of Quiet, LOUD!    MG 0292
2009-07-29 21:17:39
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i tucked sequoia into bed and read some of his favorite Leslie Patricelli board books. apparently that wasn't enough for him, by the time we were getting into our own bed, he showed up in our bedroom carrying two books, a handful of toys, and demanded an encore reading of Yummy Yucky and Quiet Loud.

in most of these photos he's screaming “LOUD!” at the top of his lungs, a practice he adopted earlier in the evening and mischievously applied to the book which is describing various edible and inedible foods as “yucky” or “yummy.” Spaghetti? LOUD! Cookies? LOUD! etc.

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Tiger Spirit - Yang-May Ooi: Hi Sean, this is a delightful photo. I thought you'd like to know - I've used it to illustrate a post about The Power of Stories at my blog - I've credited you and linked back to the photo as per the Creative Commons Licence. Thanks! Yang-May Ooi,


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