she's thinking "this is small time"

she's thinking "this is small time"
2009-06-07 01:06:49
how many people repair their own hifi and audiovisual equipment anymore? 1%? how many enlist their kindergarten kids to help?

rachel just field-stripped our dvd player, disconnected circuit boards, removed a few front-plate layers to expose the front-facing circuit board, and helped nick glue the broken button into a workable repair.

and she's trying not to smile about it, because to an engineer of her calibre, this is SMALL TIME.

but if you ask our kids, who love to watch movies, this is a new and concrete example of her often-touted but not-seen-at-home engineering skills.

i appreciate it too -- i paid $350 for this region-free, upscaling-to-DVI-and-analog-outs, absent-copy-protection dvd player back when it was new, and she just saved it from the garbage heap.

but we're still getting a blu-ray :-).

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