rachel explaining the inner workings of our dvd player to nick

rachel explaining the inner workings of our dvd player to nick
2009-06-07 01:06:41
nick recoiling as rachel explains that the unplugged device may have capacitors that retain electricity.

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sean dreilinger: rachel dismantled our dvd player to repair a button that nick accidentally broke, and inside they immediately found an entire dvd wedged up above the disc tray -- a long-lost thomas the tank engine dvd that we'd given up looking for.

rachel and nick repairing our broken dvd player - _MG_4927.embed
sdbrown: How difficult was the button repair? I am a little scared of voiding warranties since discovering how nice (if excruciatingly slow) they are.
sean dreilinger: it wasn't difficult, i'm impressed with the idea that anybody would make an effort open up one of these devices that are widely regarded as disposable due to planned obsolescence.

the repair was about the same as opening a PC and gluing a piece of plastic back onto the case - removing many layers of cables and boards to gain access to make a simple repair.

this momitsu v880-dx dvd player is circa 2004, and is discontinued afaict from the manufacturer website, but i still see it for sale for about $190 via atacom and hkflix and about $80 used via ebay


sean dreilinger: enthusiastic kids accidentally broke the eject button

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