our house in the snow, from above MG 3911

our house in the snow, from above    MG 3911
2008-12-22 09:47:14
unlike other mornings, this time by 9am there are NO tire tracks in the snow. its monday and nobody is leaving the hill for work today.

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Neeta Lind: Is everone on your street going to buy chains when you all can drive again?
miss.love: i'm moving to hawaii.
sean dreilinger: some of our uphill neighbors do have and use chains, and a few have studded snow tires, but we're beyond the point where those are of use -- i just stepped out on the front porch for a second and said hi to three of those uphill neighbors who were using ski poles to make their way down the hill to the gocery store. all they needed was a rope and they would look like an ice-climbing team.


snowed-in 2008-12

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