my head feels lighter MG 3789

my head feels lighter    MG 3789
2008-12-20 18:15:50
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Neeta Lind: WTF! i know, we should have gone with the mullet!
miss juls: Do you feel naked?
sean dreilinger: you know the sifu in kill bill 2, where he's always stroking his beard off to the side? i do that with a ghost of a pony tail, about four times per hour -- totally the same except i'm not a badass movie star sifu who gets to work out with uma thurman, et. al.
Paul D Blake: No kidding! You look very sharp. --Kb
Neeta Lind: I am still mourning the loss of all your beautiful hair.
100_8133 don't worry, it'll grow back. anyway, sean looks pretty cute with short hair too.


snowed-in 2008-12

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