a box full of tapes of original music & performances from high school and college MG 0155

a box full of tapes of original music & performances from high school and college    MG 0155
2008-11-28 11:51:03
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Kat Cole: Do we get to listen to some of them the next time we're over?
sean dreilinger: most of them are special eight-track multichannel recordings that require a proprietary multichannel cassette recorder to play back and mix down, a tascam 238 - the deck looks like this:

(tascam 238 described in english)

almost all of my recording gear went up in smoke when our family home on north peak in cuyamaca, california burned down during the cedar fire of 2003…

north peak, cuyamaca home by sim bruce richards - dscf1329

after the cedar fire - chimney is all that remains - dsc00096
Kat Cole: While that seems convincing…I think you're lying…and I think you actually want to share your music with us.
Amy Devers: I still have mixed semi-masters of a lot of that stuff… Sean, holler if you want I should, well, you know…
brent.stickels: {sorry, that comment was me, accidentally signed in as one of my clients…}

sean dreilinger: thanks mr. Stickels!

i'd love to dupe anything you care to share; and at some opportune moment in the future, embarrass myself (and you!) fully for our kids, who at ages 2 and 6 already know that parents are uncool.

most everything from our high school and college bands was digitized at ~128kbps and downloadable from mp3.com until they sold out and deleted their original artist files; i have yet to hunt around for the files and/or re-sample the tapes.

this picture is on flickr to appease steve ring, who enquired as to the health and well-being of two tapes he sent me.

p.s. amy devers you design amazing furniture and if i had cable tv i would be a huge fan of your show!
Kat Cole: YAY!!! Does that mean Juls and I get to hear it too? We will only admire you more.

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