tired of studying anatomy MG 6484

tired of studying anatomy    MG 6484
2007-11-20 22:43:11
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Neeta Lind: love the notes Miss Love…
miss.love: i have to be able to identify 100 muscles on a cadaver and memorize origin, insertion and action for each muscle.

transversus abdominus
o: iliac crest, inguinal ligament, lumbodorsal fascia and ribs 6-12
i: linea alba, pubis
a: compresses abdomen

and that's just the lab! the muscle practical exam is a week from today and the physiology final exam is the next day.

i'm hosed.


miss.love: epicranius frontalis
miss.love: orbicularis occuli
miss.love: zygomaticus major
miss.love: platysma
miss.love: mentalis
miss.love: masseter
miss.love: buccinator
miss.love: risorius
miss.love: orbicularis oris
miss.love: temporalis

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