home roasted coffee beans ethiopian harar horse lot 14659 MG 4097

home roasted coffee beans   ethiopian harar horse lot 14659    MG 4097
2007-09-09 12:28:15
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home-roasted harar horse lot 14659 ethiopian coffee from sweet marias. this is the third ethiopian coffee i've roasted, looking for something resembling Peet's ethiopian super natural. the absolute best we've had so far is Organic Yirgacheffe beans from Burman Coffee. The green coffee beans cost ~1/3 to 1/2 the price of roasted coffee, and they taste much better than store-bought roasted beans during the first week or two (nothing has lasted two weeks yet).

tahoe soap features this photo in their tutorial on soap ingredients.

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sean dreilinger: is there some kind of award or banner you get to fly when a flickr user named frekazoids on caffeine “favorites” your coffee photo?
partard: No Peet's here in Austin, funny though that there is one listed on google maps. I am not sure I have had Ethiopian super natural (is it also called Ethiopian Fancy?). I may have to order some from Peet's if recommended.

What kind of roaster do you have? Myself, I use a West Bend Poppery II with great success… how do you like sweet maria's? I have never ordered from them.
sean dreilinger: the ethiopian super natural coffee is something my brother daniel likes a lot. i've never found it in-stock at peet's but i figured if we know its signature flavor is blueberries and its a dry-process coffee from yirgacheffe in ethiopia, it would be worth buying some similar green coffees from ethiopia and roasting them to see if the flavor could be reproduced.

no luck replicating blueberry coffee so far - i've tried three roasts of harar horse (in the photo there) which have some blueberry smell but they all taste bad (e.g. can't drink it), and one roast of wet-process ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee which gets my vote and rachel's vote for favorite home-roasted coffee thus far (its amazing, but it doesn't resemble blueberries in any way).

i've been roasting coffee in our vented electric oven, up to a pound at a time. a spot in our garage is cleared out for something like a Gene Cafe Drum Coffee Roaster, which i can vent out the garage window -- but as soon as i spend $500 for a roaster, the economic advantage of home-roasting is gone. the fact that the coffee tastes noticeably better during the week it is roasted makes it worthwhile for me, but the cost-savings of buying green coffee is nice too.

i've bought green coffee from coffee bean direct, burman coffee, and sweet maria's. coffee bean direct took a little longer to ship out my order, sweet maria's and burman coffee packed & shipped on the same day i ordered, which i would appreciate a lot if i were ordering fresh-roasted coffee; i'm not sure how much that matters when all i'm buying are bags of green coffee beans.
partard: I tried to do the oven roast at my old house… I nearly burnt the house down, but only managed to singe my facial hair. After I got the oven lit, it seemed like it was going to take forever… I abandoned the project.

I found the popper at a second hand store, ~$5. It works well, pretty easy to control, but only small batches at a time. I have to admit, I haven't used it in a long, long time… Time to break it out!
b_ruchti: Burman Coffee is about 5 mins down the road from me, how lucky is that! Very smart people, always great to go in and talk with them. I just picked up two lbs of Indonesian Flores - Bajawa yesterday, great coffee
mkzhang: lovely!
kuumba2009: Hi Sean,
I like your coffee bean photo MG4097. It is just right for a label I am invisioning making. Is there any way I can buy it or use it?


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