rest in peace catula, our black cat

rest in peace   catula, our black cat
2005-07-16 20:33:17
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count catula

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Comments: RIP count catula : (
sean dreilinger: this is one of my favorite photos of count catula. we euthanized her about one week ago. she wasn't even five years old yet.

rachel brought her home one day with her sister. we named the black cat count catula and the white cat spaceghost coast-to-coast.

catula and spaceghost sleeping in my backpack - dscf8304

they were skittish and shy and liked to hide inside my backpack while they could still fit.

catula @ 2 months old - dscf8290

catula turned out to be pretty clever. in all three homes that we shared with her, she figured out how to open doors. i don't mean the usual sort of stick your paw under the door and move it -- she actually figured out several varieties of doorknobs and would jump up and open them.

two-month-old catula staking out her napping ground - dscf8281

catula liked to climb up on people and on things. she invented a bunch of ways to hang off the office chair while i was working - sleep on the arm, sleep on the backrest, sleep on my lap.

catula watches her snake - _mg_1339

once we moved to lahonda, catula turned into quite the hunter. despite the jingle-bell on her collar, she managed to catch and bring inside with her a live snake, several live birds, and countless rodents - shrews and mice both dead and alive.

black cat obscures the monitor - _MG_1763.JPG

this is how i remember her. climbing in front of the computer monitor about 100x per day, relentless until i let her sleep in my lap.

catula perched on the highest windowsill - _MG_4743

in recent months, she spent more and more of her time perched in the highest window in the house. we thought it was because she was getting some space away from her sister, but now i wonder if it wasn't something to do with being sick.
Isabel Wang: Oh no! Sorry about your loss :( She was so cute! And looks like a really fun cat to have around. RIP Count Catcula…
noromdiam: I'm so sorry for your loss. I will miss seeing her in your photos.

What happened?
mangobabangobabyheadface: Rip the count
Kat Cole: Oh geeez! I'm so sorry guys. I'm sending you big hugs…can you feel them?
*Mama*Lola*: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Images “On Black” -- (Invitation Only), and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.
Darwin Bell: this is amazing
Seen in Images “On Black”
sean dreilinger: thanks for the kind condolences everyone!
florida1998l: What a beautiful cat, and a loving tribute! So sorry for your loss.
sean dreilinger: iwei - we had her put to sleep when her sickness was diagnosed as diabetes. we probably could have kept her alive longer with a lot of daily care, but after consulting with two vets about her prospects and her quality-of-life, we had her put to sleep :-(.
emilyandkaitlinz: aw. she was so cute. I'm so sorry for your loss. I too, lost a cat recently, and know that it is very dififcult. RIP Count Catula.
marhawkman: :( now Spaceghost is gonna have to hunt alone. :( 'tis very sad.
lívia.: Great photos of catula and i'm pretty sure of how much you miss her!

René Bang: Nice shot.. ;-)

“Dark Night”
kirstiecat: I'm sorry! She's beautiful and this is so vivid with such great negative space, darkness, and light. I've always lived amongst the felines and have lost a few is so very devastating when it happens…like losing a friend that would accept and love you under any circumstance.


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