megan, barefoot by the fire, reading fast food nation

megan, barefoot by the fire, reading fast food nation
2005-12-25 19:02:56
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lake oswego, oregon - december 25, 2005

copyright (c) 2005-12-25 sean dreilinger

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ozgurum: wowww wonderful feet and toes
zubra29: thare is something very sexy about this pic. Yes could well be the toes :-)
jimsyjim1: I love these toes! Very pretty.
geoschembs25: i dont know about you but i wouldnt go barefoot in a ff resteraunt when the f*()& did they clean the floor LAST! eeeeeewwwww
Infinite Inkwell: I like your jeans.
wolfgraebel: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Sophisticated Barefooters, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
pirathecaire: I just wanted to let you know that I used this picture for my blog, As you can see if you visit pirathecaire, it is a French blog, so if my comment is not clear, blame it on my poor English. ;) For your information, as you may not read French, pirathecaire is a blog about librarianship.

On my blog, if you roll over your picture, you will be able to read the «title» of the picture. I use a standard phrasing for each CC picture I put on my blog, that could be translated by something like «Picture created by [your name] under a Creative Commons [type of your license] license.» Your picture is also linked to its page on your flickr gallery, so the readers can track it back to you.

Thank you!
sean dreilinger: thanks pirathecaire!
SIEMPRE DESCALZAS: Hi, I'm an admin for a group called YOUNG BAREFEET GIRLS, and we'd love to have this added to the group!


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first xmas in lake oswego

EXIF Image Parameters

  • Make: Canon
  • Model: Canon EOS 20D
  • Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
  • Date and Time (Modified): 2005:12:25 19:02:56
  • White Point: 0.313 0.329
  • YCb Cr Coefficients: 0.299 0.587 0.114
  • Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
  • Aperture: f/4.5
  • Exposure Program: Program AE
  • ISO Speed: 200
  • Components Configuration: Y, Cb, Cr, -
  • Exposure Bias: 0 EV
  • Metering Mode: Multi-segment
  • Flash: On, Fired
  • Focal Length: 20 mm
  • Color Space: Uncalibrated
  • Exposure Mode: Auto
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • Quality: Fine
  • Canon Flash Mode: On
  • Continuous Drive: Single
  • Focus Mode: AI Focus AF
  • Record Mode: CR2+JPEG
  • Canon Image Size: Large
  • Easy Mode: Manual
  • Contrast: +1
  • Saturation: +1
  • Sharpness: +1
  • Canon Exposure Mode: Program AE
  • Flash Activity: 204
  • Flash Bits: E-TTL, External
  • Focus Continuous: Single
  • Focal Type: Zoom
  • Focal Plane XSize: 23.04 mm
  • Focal Plane YSize: 15.37 mm
  • Auto ISO: 100
  • Base ISO: 200
  • Measured EV: 3.25
  • Target Aperture: 4.5
  • Target Exposure Time: 1/60
  • Control Mode: Camera Local Control
  • Measured EV2: 2.875
  • Camera Type: EOS Mid-range
  • Canon Image Type: Canon EOS 20D
  • Owner Name: sean dreilinger sean_cut_this_xsxuptp @
  • Canon Model ID: EOS 20D
  • Num AFPoints: 9
  • Valid AFPoints: 9
  • Canon Image Width: 3504
  • Canon Image Height: 2336
  • AFPoints In Focus: 4
  • Thumbnail Image Valid Area: 0 159 7 112
  • File Number: 311-1155
  • Raw Jpg Quality: Fine
  • Raw Jpg Size: Large
  • Color Temperature: 5200
  • Measured RGGB: 398 1024 1024 944
  • White Balance RGGB Levels: 2272 1015 1015 1243
  • Color Temp Auto: 6526
  • Set Function When Shooting: Default (no function)
  • Flash Sync Speed Av: Auto
  • Shutter- AELock: AF/AF lock, No AE lock
  • AFAssist Beam: Emits
  • Exposure Level Increments: 1/3 Stop
  • Flash Firing: Fires
  • ISOExpansion: On
  • AEBSequence Auto Cancel: 0,-,+/Enabled
  • Superimposed Display: On
  • Menu Button Display Position: Previous (top if power off)
  • ETTLII: Evaluative
  • Shutter Curtain Sync: 1st-curtain sync
  • Lens AFStop Button: AF stop
  • Interop Index: R03 - DCF option file (Adobe RGB)
  • Compression: JPEG (old-style)
  • Thumbnail Offset: 9746
  • Thumbnail Length: 8968

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