3 D Robotics UAV flyover Connection & Experience Break TEDxS

3 D Robotics UAV flyover   Connection & Experience Break   TEDxS
2013-12-14 14:31:59
photo attribution: sean dreilinger durak.org

3-D Robotics UAV flyover

Look! Up in the sky! It?s an unmanned aerial ve hicle (UAV)! The flight team from 3-D
Robotics demonstrates the thrill of the DIY drone, the product of speaker Jordi Muñoz?s
inventive mind.

Jordi Muñoz: The drones are coming (from Tijuana)!

A native of Ensenada, Mexico, Jordi Muñoz co-founded and built a highly successful company with Chris Anderson of Wired magazine: 3-D Robotics. Muñoz started by rebuilding a toy remote-controlled helicopter using accelerometers from a Wii controller, making it a much more stable machine. He soon built his first drone, costing a few hundred dollars, while the nearest competition was asking about twenty thousand. Today, Muñoz is considered one of the top gurus in the field of drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Ve hicles). His ideas are about to
revolutionize and disrupt this space and create inexpensive UAVs for various civil needs.




TEDx San Diego 2013 (grayscale)

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