Tim and the vicious beaver of princeton

Tim and the vicious beaver of princeton
2007-06-14 14:28:42
We visited Tim's friend Andrew at Princeton. Tim and Andrew went to Caltech together, and Andrew, finishing up his post-doc at the Institute of Advanced Studies (his office is down the hall from Freeman Dyson), hasn't really walked around the campus much at all in his 3 years here. All over the Princeton campus are sculptures of their tiger mascot, it's a huge contrast to the Caltech campus, where their mascot is the Beaver.


sdbrown: I am reminded of the cannon hack.
K Lacey: Isn't the campus cool? I love the old buildings.
noromdiam: The campus is really beautiful. It's so old and they keep it in such good shape. The building where we took this photo had plaques for many of the graduating classes and a memorial inside for the alumni/students who died in each war, including the Revolutionary War.

On the outside of the building were some plaques for “Class of '89”, “Class of '92”. We couldn't figure out if they were from 1900's, 1800's, or 1700's. It's crazy.

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