Napoleon, RIP

Napoleon, RIP
2008-04-03 10:05:29
Napoleon passed away yesterday after a short fight with complications from diabetes.

This was a photo taken when he was a kitten. I miss him so much.


angryf: I'm really sorry… for as many times as that little demon lured me into a false sense of security and then gave me a red gash on my hand, well the point is that I'll miss him too.

I'm sure he's in some sort of kitty heaven bating around mice, rolling around in Katnip up to his belly and scratching the shit out of anyone trying to pet him until you guys meet up again.
Paul Germanos: i-wei! i'm so sorry. it is so much like losing a part of the family…
jsingood: Awww. He was a cutie.
sean dreilinger: bye napoleon!
K Lacey: Awww…lil' baby.



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