Rome, Italy IMG_4734

Rome, Italy IMG_4734
2017-05-26 14:58:30
My EMT who brought me to the ER

The Fall of Rome. I fell near the Colosseum. On my hip. The pain was so terrible that I nearly passed out. There was the ambulance right there. It took us to a hospital. X-rayed no broken bones I'm fine but sentence to crutches for a few days on painkillers and muscle relaxers. Excruciating pain in my hamstring and glut. I felt like I ripped my hamstring or perhaps broke my hip. Fell at 2:30. Got out of hospital at 6. Made our 7:20 train by two minutes.
It was soooo scary thinking that omg. I'm going to pass out. Happened too fast. I didn't see the two inch drop. The inside of my foot hit 10% on top tiny step. The other 90% hit the lower part of the next step. My ankle folded and because I was walking fast the momentum threw my body forward. I knew I was a goner before I started falling.
I landed on my hip and the pain was excruciating. I said to Jeff. I've really got a bad injury.
I was prone. I rolled to my back and asked him to pull me up. That's when I started to black out from the pain. I said hold me up. I'm passing out. Thank god I didn't. That would hav been worse.
I tried to walk and nearly died from the pain. We made it about thirty steps to a bench. Sat down. Jeff was holding my arm. I started to pass out again. But didn't know it. I saw only white. Jeff pulled me back up to sitting. It took a long time for the color to be picked back up with my eyes. Scary shit.
I tried to walk again but couldn't. So we waited a bit. Then I limped over to the ambulance that was two parking spots from us. They took me to the hospital. They let jeff sit with the driver. The three EMTs couldn't speak English. Ambulance had a police escort. DIVA!
The great news is I didn't break any bones. I still cannot put weight on that leg. I'm resting today and using crutches. Cannot function without the pain killers. Fly home Tuesday. I'm sorry to be such a burden to our hosts. Anyway. Enjoy my short slide show of ROME.


Rome, Italy - Day 6

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