2009 Obama Biden Inauguration Invite

2009 Obama Biden Inauguration Invite


CShirley: Nice! Lucky you!
miss.love: how did you get that?
Neeta Lind: Donated to his campaign back in the day. Wish I could go, all the hotels are sold out. I imagine some kossack has a couch but I don't know anyone well enough to ask for a place to crash.

Netroots is having a big do also. boo hoo.
Neeta Lind: Plus the inauguration is an open event anyway so nothing too special there.
oohay5000: I got mine today and came across your comment and photo while doing some research just now finding out why I got one in the mail today.

It was a big surprise, and even though it's primarily a keepsake it's nice to be one of “only” a million people to have one :-)

FWIW I donated around a $1,000 to the campaign primarily because I can't vote because I am a permanent resident and wanted to do something to help.

It's a really nice document, certainly the coolest document I have ever been sent in my life, and to all those people going on about a waste of resources and carbon footprint Etc on the boards I came here from, all I can say is Telephone Book!
miss.love: ok, i got mine yesterday and now i feel special!


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