Our tattoos

Our tattoos
2003-06-05 09:03:21
check out nick's mini mohawk.


Toni_V: coooooooooooool!
jenniferedwards3241: Is that a real one on the baby? ? ? ? ? ? ?
SaylaMarz: aww, your smile! actually both your smiles are adorable!
miss.love: thanks! that little baby is now 5 years old!
nnfeliciano: Those r sooo cool. is his real?
miss.love: i'm not sure it's legal to tattoo infants but what do i know? fortunately for my young son it is a temporary tat. glad you like the picture!
nurselottabody: UM…LMAO i can't believe she thought that was real on the child…but never the less super cool and this can be something you show him when he really older and knows what a tat is…is cute that mom and son bonded this way…and he has a awesome smile
miss.love: HA HA, I know, it's ridiculous to think that someone might actually consider tattooing a child. Aside from the obvious pain involved, imagine how the image would distort over the years to something totally unrecognizable. That's just wack!
alig19: Will you marry me?
miss.love: ok.


Nick Blake!!

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