Lake Tahoe 001 006 (View 1)

Lake Tahoe 001 006 (View 1)
2006-07-18 06:57:12
While in Lake Tahoe for Kevin's bachelor party, we went on a hike one afternoon. Well, Kevin didn't, but a subset of us did.

I think this is actually another lake, but I can not recall its name.

This was pieced together from six other images, tied together using autostitch - you don't think I'd have the patience to manually stitch up a panorama shot, do you?


Tracy┬╗: This turned out great!

The patience to manually stitch up a panorama shot? Hmmm. I'm not sure if I have the patience to take all the shots needed in the first place! Although I am curious to try this now, just need to find the scenery worthy of the effort… I used autostitch, I did not do it manually. Manual combination? HAH. Too much trouble, I completely agree. This tool has made me much more willing to do panorama things. Playing with the settings leads to a few interesting combinations, as does chopping up the photos that are fed in to it - I did one chop where my friend Josh stood on my left, then on my right, and I was in the same spot, after chopping, I autostitched them so that there were two instances of Josh and one of me. Fun. I had another fun autostitch one, but apparently my free account has caused that image to fall off the back end.

Might be time to PAY so I can have more than 200 photos…

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