Several cars in front of me, a car flipped. all OK.

Several cars in front of me, a  car flipped. all OK.
2008-01-18 10:27:11
i was helping hold the car up while the occupants got out. a woman sort of pulled over to ask if she needed to dial 911. meanwhile there is this accident scene thing going on where people are trying to do tasks and make sure everyone is ok.

there is a car behind the woman who pulled over and the driver, a man, is flipping out ape shit: “YOU FUCKING BITCH GET OUT OF THE FUCKING ROAD! GET OUT OF THE ROAD, BITCH, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE GET OUT OF THE FUCKING ROAD!”

which then starts one of the people at the scene who is helping out to stop helping and start yelling back, “BLOW ME YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKER, YOU WANT TO GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. GET OUT OF YOUR CAR, I'M KICKING YOUR ASS… (ETC)”

and then a doctor parks and walks up, “I AM A DOCTOR IS ANYONE HURT?!”

it was better than a quad espresso in the morning.


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