new lappy

new lappy
2006-07-28 11:00:31


sean dreilinger: how much does it weigh?

you know that the video card is solidworks certified!
wayne bremser: that looks like the fancy model. i'm shopping for laptops and it's pretty confusing. :(
Laser Burners: yes, shopping for laptops is hard, wb. be sure to get the sort of computer that folds in half and has they keyboard/screen/cpu all in one piece.

the types of computers that have a big box that you plug the tv-like thing, mouse and keyboard into are not laptops.

hope that helps straighten things out! :)


Austie Jonez: comes with the preinstalled google desktop side bar…
Austie Jonez: comes with two mice options to better help you mess up your point and click while typing!
Austie Jonez: gives me the craxy eye!
Laser Burners: mo'lester face! are you gonna give it to your new lappy raw?!


My New Dell Precision M65

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