last week. day 1. lunch at sushi deli.

last week.  day 1.  lunch at sushi deli.
2007-11-12 14:08:12


i am klaus: oh crap--the countdown.
sonci: oh man i miss this place so much
Laser Burners: you know i cant resist these sorts of posts, mangola…

p.s: your pints and pitchers are cheap there, yo. im gonna be in seattle 'round christmas-time, and ive half a mind to rent a car and drive down your way and drink up all the fucking beer.

p.p.s: i had to read 'all the pretty horses' in high school. it sort of put me off of mccarthy… do you like this one?
^self: So, I should read the book, and then watch the movie?
Austie Jonez: self: it is a short read. might as well.

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