sup ddr

sup  ddr
2006-06-15 14:09:10


sean dreilinger: is that a usb dance pad controller? i've been thinking about setting up a home-theatre/gaming pc in which this game serves as the tv-fitness offering. here is some software i found after a mention on boing boing:
step mania
python dance dance revolution
sean dreilinger: p.s. did you change your camera settings? because this photo looks really good compared to previous treo pictures you've posted
helical_wiggler: holy crap. house purchase?
verymiao: Hm, I wonder if that's any good. Do some research before you buy one of those suckers - if they're bad they're really bad and break in 3 months. We had some Red Octane ignition pads which suck ass. We recently ordered the Cobalt Flux super heavy duty all metal arcade-style ones, they're meant to be indestructible. If those are Cobolt Flux for $199, you should totally buy them. Cheap!

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