sup sup sup

sup sup sup
2006-05-22 18:50:58


verymiao: Are you doing ?
Austie Jonez: shoot, i guess i am!

how is s5's shaping up? he would whip me in a mustache contest any month of the year.
ej___: dude, hot. i am pro facial hair.
verymiao: He's not doing it (aside from the low level of fuzz always present) but a couple of our work pals are. In fact one of them has a stache rather like yours!
sdbrown: There is some marketspeak waiting to happen here.
toshok: aw crap - may is mustache month? i could have owned that shit. why did i shave?
Jason Koxvold: omg heath ledger! ain't nobody's business but ours!
sean dreilinger: this looks like your portrait for an interview in InfoWorld magazine or something.

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