El mappa es la direcciones a casa.

El mappa es la direcciones a casa.
2006-05-02 17:29:40
We would all like to thank toshok for securing this location through valiant effort and hard work.


toshok: i love being licked by most things.

- toes.
sean dreilinger: i thought austin already turned 30. what is the party for this time?
toshok: i turned 50 on april 26th
helical_wiggler: Can I send Bean? She likes to lick things.


Austie Jonez: Where we are staying
Austie Jonez: beach, waves, toes being licked by misty oceanic breezes.
Austie Jonez: drop the kids off at the pool.
toshok: km 52
Austie Jonez: fresh water to drink
Austie Jonez: <--- pirate treasure
Austie Jonez: Palm trees clearly denoting the good times ahead…
Austie Jonez: Pimp drive way.
toshok: drive here for, like, no money, man.
toshok: gas for cars
toshok: gas for people

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