Monica Rixman, PhD, MIT

Monica Rixman, PhD, MIT
2006-04-15 21:59:10
Monica Rixman, PhD from MIT, (alias Monica A. Rixman; co-creator of the ground breaking research project A Study into the Molecular Origins of Biocompatibility :
Intermolecular Interactions between Human Serum Albumin and Various Chemically Modified Surfaces Studied via High Resolution Force Spectroscopy
) picks up the burgundy leather rear passenger headrest to her brand new VW beetle convertible with matching burgundy rims. It is limited edition, the cutest thing on the showroom floor (her words), other than her looking at it.

Earlier in the day, she broke the handle of the glove compartment off with her sheer strength. Just prior to that, she hit a pole in an un-checked moment of parking lot aggression.


Austie Jonez: Awe pookie, your car ain't so new anymore…
Austie Jonez: should
Austie Jonez: have
Austie Jonez: gotten
Austie Jonez: AUDI."


Wine Tasting Adventure

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